Orphanage, Chindren Home, I Support, Orphaned, Abandoned, Little Pencils, Abilashrayam, Registered NGO Its easy to be a friend to a child in need. We are grateful to our existing corporate partners who have enriched the lives of many underprivileged children:

1. Walmart
2. Goldman Sachs
3. Torry Harris
4. Shell
5. Unishire
Corporates can lend a helping hand in changing the social structure of the country; we encourage corporates to actively take part in our projects to meet their social service objectives. Some options on offer are:

CSR through CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility through Corporate Stress Relief is an exclusive I Support campaign where interactive game stalls and fun activities give hard workers the opportunity to relieve the stress of the job while also joining hands with I Support in their other projects.

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Payroll Giving

Even a sum as low as Rs 100 a month can make a huge difference to the lives of underprivileged children. As a corporate scheme, this mode of donation is the safest as bi-party scrutiny is undertaken and the donor can rest assured that his/her money is utilised for its intended purpose. Employees in this scheme are entitled to a tax exemption certificate under 80G of the Income Tax Act of India.

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Cause Specific Promotions

Add value to your brands and products by associating with a noble cause; consumers treasure brands that are active in community service. Associate with one of our many I Support projects that directly benefit underprivileged children and you can be guaranteed brand recall among socially conscious consumers. It is also a great platform for mutually beneficial media coverage.

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If it is difficult to find a corporate program with I Support that fits your need, you can always choose to partner with us on our projects, such as:

1. Little Pencils: The cost of one child's food, shelter, education, clothing, and healthcare is just Rs. 60,000 per annum. Support 20 children at the Little Pencils orphanage for a whole year by partnering with I Support.

2. I Educate: After conducting an extensive study on education expenditure on underprivileged children, the I Educate project has reported that each child can be educated for Rs 6,000 per year, complemented by the free education and mid-day meal schemes of the Government of India. Partner with us and support the cost of educating 500 such children for a whole year, at the cost of Rs 2,000 per child.


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