How To Support

Sponsorship Options

Little Pencils (orphanage)

I Educate (under privileged)

I Heal (disabled children)

Rainbow (mentally retard children)

Building Blocks

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Corporates play a major role in changing the economic structure of a country. Their involvement in the social service sector can bring a major change to the social structure of a country as well. We encourage Corporates to actively take part in projects undertaken by I Support to meet these social service objectives.

Below are a few methods of corporate involvement.

Payroll Giving
CSR through CSR
Cause Specific Promotions

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Sponsor a Child' living

Sponsor a child's education

Sponsor a child's food

Sponsor a child's health

Celebrate with Us

Surprise Your Dear Ones

Take The Pledge

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Schools and Colleges

We encourage schools and colleges to motivate their students to take part in "u n me" campaign. Through this campaign, students of these schools and colleges will get a chance to involve in social service activities and learn how to give back to the society while they are still young.

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Media Houses

Media is the window for transparency of operations of any NGO. Media houses can partner with I Support to extensively cover out activities and create awareness about our projects.

We welcome media houses to initiate such partnerships.

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We encourage celebrities to get involved in our various projects and fund raising events. Since celebrities are role models for many individuals, their involvement with us would encourage many to take up social service initiatives. Also, it would re emphasize the faith of the masses in the social service responsibility of these celebrities.

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Event Organizers

Event organizers across the country form the fundamental method of fundraising for any NGO. They being experts in conducting and organizing several large scale events, their involvement with I Support would be very valuable in terms of branding and fundraising for I Support. We encourage event organizers to formulate charity / fund raising based events and shows for the projects of I Support.

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We encourage other NGOs to take active part in our activities under mutually beneficial basis that would foster better administrative policies and improve overall operational standards of both parties. It would also benefit the beneficiaries of the NGOs involved

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Builders and developers

We encourage builders and developers to get involved in our Bennyson Valley School project on a direct basis. Your participation would ensure the realization of this project at a quicker pace. Builders and developers can sponsor building materials and other logistics support for ´┐ŻBennyson Valley´┐Ż school project at various stages.

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