Operation Module

I Support believes firmly in working on the ground, as well as advocacy and policy change. Our projects are national in scope and therefore, require clear and delineated distribution networks to ensure uniformity in our operations and support. A regional distribution structure ensures that there are no misappropriation of funds, and that funds collected where they are most needed are put to good use there. Every region is headed by an operations manager directly reporting to the management, thus ensuring absolute accountability for all operations under taken.

Our three-tier operation module works as follows:

Orphanage, Chindren Home, I Support, Orphaned, Abandoned, Little Pencils, Abilashrayam, Registered NGO

1. Active projects

Active projects, which are function directly under I Support. The operations of our current active projects command 70% of all funds received.

2. Support Projects

Support projects undertaken by our NGO partners of I Support. I Support thoroughly scrutinizes and evaluates all NGO partners to ensure good governance. 20% of funds received go into these projects.

3. Future projects

Future projects that I Support is currently researching and intending to undertake in the near future, either as Active or Support projects. We utilize 10% of our funds to sustain the research into these projects.