Why To Support

There are close to 31 million orphaned / abandoned children in India.

There are more than 1 million NGOs in India

Do all NGOs have orphanages? The answer is NO!

Can all orphanages take care of 31 million orphaned / abandoned children? The answer is NO!

Does that mean we need more orphanages? The answer is NO!

Can all the orphanages secure the future of orphaned / abandoned children? The answer is NO!

Who should secure the future of orphaned / abandoned children? The answer is "the government".

Is the future of orphaned / abandoned children secured / protected? The answer is NO!

Does it mean the system has failed? The answer is Yes!

Can we change the system and make a positive impact? The answer is Yes!

Why has the system failed?

According to the Indian constitution, children of the nation have to be given right to education, shelter, nutrition and health. In this regard, many government agencies and NGOs have done an outstanding work till date.

But the system has failed because access to all these basic rights to children is just a start in the change intended. The actual impact lies in securing their future after giving them access to these basic rights. That's where the system has no winning formula and has failed in meeting this objective.

What happens to orphaned / abandoned children?

It's a disheartening fact to know that only 10 - 20% of orphaned children in our country reach the support system given by various orphanages/NGOs spread across the country. The rest are victims of child trafficking, child labour, the begging mafia, rag picking, street children etc.

Out of the 10-20% children who are under the care of orphanages/NGOs, some are successfully adopted, some complete education and pursue higher education and some become successful individuals. But the majority of the children who are average performers are again victims of the rackets explained above.

How do these children again end up in such rackets though due support is given by the government and various other NGOs in their rehabilitation?

In today's age of cut throat competition, these children cannot manage to afford a meaningful higher education program nor can any government agencies or NGOs support them after these children attain a particular age. Hence the system has failed in securing their future.

What is the solution?

India is a country that believes in the reservation system. We have reservation based on Caste, Religion, Gender, and Minorities etc. This system of reservations has made a huge impact in the lives of individuals that are under this quantum of reservations.

Sadly, unlike underprivileged children, orphaned / abandoned children do not enjoy any of these reservations as they are considered casteless or religion less by the government of India. In such a case, creating a reservation quota for orphaned / abandoned children in terms of education, higher education, job securities etc is the only solution. This will be a huge boost for the children in the support system and for the children outside the support system to join the various support systems.

Thus, child labour, child trafficking, begging, rag picking and all such related social stigmas can be abolished in the longer run.

Hence, the need for "I Support movement" to recommend special protection / reservation bill for orphaned / abandoned children.

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