Little Pencils

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Close to 20 children at Little Pencils orphanage in Kodigehalli, Bangalore, live their lives with joy and a hopefulness that comes from knowing they are safe and taken care of. That is the spirit we constantly endeavour to maintain. Our efforts are committed to turning vulnerable children into self-sustaining adults through providing for their needs of food, clothing and shelter. And since we have also been able to overcome the hurdle of standard education for these underprivileged children, these orphaned or abandoned little ones have now come to be called "Little Pencils", an homage to their potential.
We started using the term "little pencils" instead of calling them "orphaned/abandoned" children. 
In bringing up these children as our own, I Support leaves no stone unturned in supporting them in their most basic of needs, even emotionally. We maintain the highest standards in food, nutrition,, health, living conditions, safety and education of the children at Little Pencils. An indicator of the high standard of living we provide our orphaned or abandoned children is the series of weekly online interactive learning sessions by our overseas volunteers. At the end of their journey, our children gain self-confidence, aspire to make something of themselves, choose a career path and help others along the way, becoming positive role models in society.

The "home" is located in North Bangalore; Kodigehalli, Bangalore which currently has close to 20 children.

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