Orphanage, Chindren Home, I Support, Orphaned, Abandoned, Little Pencils, Abilashrayam, Registered NGO In the year 2009, Mr Kalyan Krishna – advocate, entrepreneur and former techie at Hewlett Packard, began Little Pencils orphanage with just five underprivileged children, and later expanded the organization’s care to twenty. Soon, more people joined his cause to provide not just residential but also education support to underprivileged children from rural areas. The I Educate project managed to bring 250 children under its ambit in its launch year itself, following which I Support brought more than 2000 children into the I Educate project. Today, I Support encourages thousands of underprivileged children across the country to look to a bright future.

Looking beyond schooling and shelter support, Mr Kalyan Krishna and the many individuals behind I Support are now working to guarantee a secure future for these children in their adulthood. Many orphaned or abandoned children leave the support system created by government agencies and NGOs and end up on the streets as victims of trafficking or as child labourers. We need not only an efficient system that ensures social justice, but also a solution that motivates children to stay within the support system. I Support is gathering forces to appeal to the Government of India to implement a Special Protection System that doesn’t let underprivileged children get the benefits of our reservation system because of being labelled “casteless” or “religionless”. Read the Special Protection/Legislation Report and Letter submitted to the Government of India, and explore the various ways you can join us in our efforts towards a secure future for the underprivileged children of India.

View the "Special protection/Legislation report" and "Letter" submitted to govt of India